Photography by Hannah Roberts

Lashae j. Boyd

LaShae Boyd is a pop-surrealist painter whose work explores the connections between dreams and the unconscious mind. She lives in Ohio where she is completing her BFA at the Columbus College of Art and Design. She has exhibited in places such as Acock and A Rare Pull Up in Ohio. Her work has been featured in Drip Magazine. Boyd is currently preparing for a solo show at Byers Gallery and a group exhibition titled Chroma at Beeler Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she likes to watch spooky movies and playing with her dog Wyatt.

Artist Statement

I am a pop surrealist painter whose work delves into dreams and the unconscious mind. Using acrylic and oil, I re-create dreams that emphasize continual repressed feelings of abandonment, negligence or defeat. I rearrange geometrical shapes, swirls, stripes and polka dots to create obstacle courses that allows the viewer to travel through the unconscious mind. Characters with vintage cartoon eyes and rubbery skin evoke anxiety suffusing through the dream. In the end, a figure in a white sheet waits to be uncovered, alluding to what awaits after bringing what’s repressed to the forefront. A vibrant color palette conveys a celebration of inner peace that rewards a journey of recovery from the unconscious.